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void WFUT::WFUTClient::updateChannel ( const ChannelFileList &  updates,
const std::string &  urlPrefix,
const std::string &  pathPrefix 

This function queues a list of files to download. The urlPrefix is prefixed to the FileObject filename to find the server side version. The pathPrefix is prefixed to the FileObject filename to determine the client side file location. The poll function must be called to perform the downloading and the DownloadComplete and DownloadFailed signals can be used to track the result of each file download. The updates channel name is appended to the urlPrefix.

Definition at line 53 of file WFUT.cpp.

  assert (m_initialised == true);
  const FileMap &files = updates.getFiles();

  FileMap::const_iterator I = files.begin();
  FileMap::const_iterator Iend = files.end();
  while (I != Iend) {
    const FileObject &f = (I++)->second;

    const std::string &url = urlPrefix + updates.getName() + "/" + f.filename;
    m_io->queueFile(pathPrefix, f.filename, url, f.crc32, f.execute);

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